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Borobudur Temple Compounds UNESCO World Heritage Site

By Tillie Delgado
On 28 March 2022
Hey everyone, welcome to World Heritage Journey. For today's article, we're checking out Borobudur, in Indonesia. The incredible Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the entire world. Located near the city of Yogyakarta in central Java, Borobudur was built in the early 9th century AD, though little is k...

History Of Democracy

By Ramone Hickman
On 20 March 2022

The requirements for becoming a senator included having at least 100,000 denarii worth of land, being born of the patrician class, and having held public office at least once before. New Senators had to be approved by the sitting members. The people of Rome through the assemblies had the final say regarding the elect...

Boy, this is familiar. He built up so many debts that he gave up a career in the civil service to return home and help run the family farms. All right. Finally, our lives are diverging. And I guess they’re about to diverge further, since he was arguably the most important European politician of the second half of t...

Why Socrates Hated Democracy Pg Cx Well Being Learning Tsol Lesson Mood Talk Secular Demokratie Thinker Wonder Pl Curriculum Sermon La The Of Life Improvement

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

By Amanda O'Quinn
On 03 March 2022
A jury of 500 Athenians was invited to weigh up the case and decided by a narrow margin that the philosopher was guilty. He was put to death by hemlock in a process which is, for thinking people, every bit as tragic as Jesus’s condemnation has been for Christians. Crucially, Socrates was not elitist in the normal s...

How Athenian Democracy Was Born Ancient Greece

By Cian Hanson
On 02 January 2022

Similar conditions proliferated all over Greece at this time as well, and many cities had, as a consequence, undergone revolutions resulting in a single individual rising to power as a tyrant. The noble families of Athens were definitely aware of this, and of the possibility that one family might try to do the same t...

Borneo Rock Art Rewrites Human History

By Anil Carlson
On 09 January 2022

Pa Hindi, wow. So are we going in here? Inside these limestone cliffs is a labyrinth of caves. For our ancestors, these cabins in the sky were spiritual places. Whoa. Every single bit of its painted.

Why Are North And South Korea Divided By Sal Lessons From Miro Dium Max

History Of North And South Korea

By Anja Oconnell
In america
On 22 February 2022
As methods of storing digital information have grown smaller and smaller, from VCR to DVD to USB, it has become easier to smuggle them into North Korea. As a result, foreign media becomes increasingly more widespread. And even though North Korea has a lot of hydroelectric power plants, power outages are still common,...

Japan History Geography Economy Culture

By Miley Sutherland
On 29 November 2021

Consequently, it sees great variation in climate. The far southern islands are subtropical, bordering on tropical. As we head north along the Ryukyu chain and onto the main islands, the Humid Subtropical CFA climate of hot summers and cool winters, with year round precipitation dominates all but mountain areas and is...

Where US Politics Came From Crash Course History

By Lilly Dyer
On 19 January 2022

Maybe they would produce a little surplus for local markets, but certainly not for international consumers. There would be no international trade. And he didn’t want manufacturing either. This small scale local economy could best be served by a small scale, local government. It’s not a surprise to find that Jeffe...