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Mapping Taiwan History

By Katelyn Blackwell
In asia
On 01 February 2022
And keep in mind, this is before Chiang Kai-shek is expelled from mainland China by Mao, so this is the relationship developed between the Nationalists and the Taiwanese without any knowledge of what was to come- that the Nationalists, like the Ming Dynasty, would flee from the mainland, expelled, relying entirely on...

The United States Of America Summary On Map

By Federico Mcbride
On 05 April 2022

The Soviet Union takes advantage to ally with the country, and installs nuclear missiles on its territory, pointed at the United States. Tensions build to a point where it seemed a third world war was imminent. However, an accord is reached between the two world powers, resulting in the USSR withdrawing from Cuba. Wi...

History Of Russia

By Anabel Gutierrez
On 25 January 2022

Peter was a reformer. He modernized the army, built the Empires first navy, traveled the west and brought back ideas and technology of the enlightenment And also fashionable French clothing He also expanded Russia’s influence in the Black and Baltic seas. The guy was basically in love with the west. After capturing...

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Ibsen argues that a woman could not find herself in modern society, a controversial idea at the time of its production. At first, audiences preferred the melodrama to the more serious nature of realism, but over time, these plays did become popular and have remained popular even today. Eugene O'Neill, who wrote in th...

WW2 In South East Asia Battle Of Borneo

By Anja Morrison
On 08 March 2022

All long-distance transportation was by sea. For the invader, there was no opportunity to use tanks, motor vehicles, or that stellar conveyance of the Malay campaign, bicycles. Each of the objectives would require a separate amphibious assault. General Kawaguchi decided that the first landings would be made at Miri a...

So was Ann Hutchinson who argued the church membership should be based on inner grace and not on outward manifestations like church attendance. Williams went on to found Rhode Island, so that worked out fine for him, but Hutchinson, who was doubly threatening to Massachusetts because she was a woman preaching unortho...

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Timeline Of World History Major Time Periods Ages

By Roberta Cowan
In europe
On 17 May 2022
Let’s now take a look at each, one by one. The Bronze Age gets its name based on the fact that humans first started to make things out of bronze around the same time that they first developed writing. This occurred in three main areas: Egypt, Sumer which is modern-day Iraq), and the Indus Valley modern-day Pakistan...

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

By Amanda O'Quinn
On 03 March 2022

He asked us to imagine an election debate between two candidates, one who was like a doctor and the other who was like a sweet shop owner. The sweet shop owner would say of his rival: Look, this person here has worked many evils on you. He hurts you, gives you bitter potions and tells you not to eat and drink whateve...

History Of North And South Korea

By Anja Oconnell
On 22 February 2022

This modern Japanese army was victorious and as a result the dominant power in East Asia shifted from China to Japan. And Korea was forcefully shifted with it. For over 1000 years of being a vassal state of China, Korea was now an independent country. Not because it sought independence, but because independence was t...

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Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022
These measures, however, often did not produce the desired effect, as most people were only interested in carrying on daily life as it had existed before. Recognizing that most of the German people could not be fully indoctrinated, the government enforced its ideal German state through legislation. For example, it wa...