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What Is Buddhism Do Buddhists Believe

By Kelsie Stanley
On 31 March 2022
In Tibet, the Dalai Lama is the head of one of its schools of Tibetan Buddhism and is a symbol for unifying the Tibetan region. It’s an old tradition, started in the early 1400s. The people of Tibet believe that an ancient bodhisattva named Avalokitesvara is reincarnated and acts a benevolent reader over Tibet. For...

History of Egypt

By Layla Halliday
On 18 October 2021

Even though these things are important to study history, they were stolen and sold. Even mummies were stolen as they were ground up into dust and sold as medicine, which is not at all a good for anyone's health, and, gross. Egyptologists people who study ancient Egypt) worked to protect the artifacts of Egypt so that...

Financial matters often factored into whether or not a potential partner was suitable, stable, and worthy of marriage. According to historian Amanda Vickery, even perfectly matched couples had to wait through tedious financial negotiations by their legal guardians before they could tie the knot. Kind of like organizi...

French Revolution Hygiene Just How Poor Was It Parlons Stoire Versailles Perfume Paris Weird Medical Mercury Poisoning Era Facts Society Hygenienic Practices

What French Revolution Hygiene Was Like

By Kendrick Merrill
On 18 May 2022
But to the people who live there, the prestige was just a thin veneer. Built on a swamp, the palace was under near constant construction from 1682 through 1789. Dust and dirt were constantly everywhere. The real problem, though, was that Versailles didn't have much in the way of facilities. In fact, of the roughly 70...

Brief History Of Buddhism

By Kaiser Vargas
On 05 March 2022

In Tibet, Buddhism is still the most popular philosophy; the leading monk of Buddhism is called the Dalai Lama and has always been the political governor of Tibet until the Chinese took control in 1959. Today, China followed by Thailand have the largest populations of Buddhists in the world. The religion was introduc...

History Of Russia

By Anabel Gutierrez
On 25 January 2022

Russia’s territorial gains had become so ambitious, that it triggered a war with France and England, who helped the ottomans in the Crimean war. In 1861 Russia abolished serfdom in an event now known as the emancipation Also, in the period between Napoleon and the emancipation, It’s worthwhile to know that Russia...

Of Drama Dramatic Movements And Time Periods Study Cimages Videopreview Elements
With this development of drama, it's no surprise that many famous plays came from this time period. Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides are all well-known playwrights from this time, though it is believed that many of their works were never recovered. Theatre continued to be popular through the fall of the Roman Empir...

The Early Muslim expansion changed the fate of the Middle East and the world. In our first season, we have covered the very early campaigns mostly led by Khalid ibn al-Walid in Iraq and Syria. This second documentary will describe the Arab incursions into Anatolia, Egypt, Iran and North Africa, showing how the Rashid...

I know we often like to make fun of bureaucracy, but governments without it tend to … fail miserably. So even though Russian soldiers were loyal and effective fighters, they suffered from a lack of basic materials--like bullets, for instance, and soldiers often went without boots, wearing rags on their feet. Some g...

Borobudur Hd Wallpapers Java Tourist Site Temple Documentary Buddhist Tourism Candi Great Sejarah Trip Travel Central Wonder Of The World Worlds Best Wonders

Borobudur Indonesia

By Anis Sutherland
On 24 February 2022
Only a small part of the hidden foot can be seen, as majority of the hidden footare covered in a stone encasement, for which reason is unknown. The main theory however, is that the encasement base was constructed long ago to add extra weight to the base, as the original base might have been incorrectly designed. Toda...