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What Did Democracy Really Mean In Athens Melissa Ted Magistrate Boule Boulamenos Aristocracy Representation Sortition Senate Plato Tedx Jury Representative

What Did Democracy Really Mean In Athens Melissa Schwartzberg

By Gurdeep Mcculloch
On 30 March 2022
Elections are the epitome of democracy, right? Well, the ancient Athenians who coined the word had another view. In fact, elections only played a small role in Athenian democracy, with most offices filled by random lottery from a pool of citizen volunteers. Unlike the representative democracies common today, where vo...

Borobudur Indonesia

By Anis Sutherland
On 24 February 2022

The three temples have similar architecture and ornamentation deriving from the same time period, which suggests that some ritual relationship existed between the three temples. In order to honor this relationship, the pilgrims of today start their pilgrimage from Mendut and walk the distance to Pawon and Borobudur w...

Arabia Before Islam The Birth Of Episode

By Hailie Velazquez
On 17 April 2022

This was Muhammad’s tribe and it’s the one we got to talk about. Mecca was the site to an ancient shrine called Kaaba. This shrine was said to have been built by the great Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. Ibrahim also did something that would change the destiny of Mecca. He declared it a Harm meaning it was forbidden ...

The Entire History Of Ottoman Empire

By Annette Holloway
On 26 January 2022

Mohamed the conqueror then renamed the city which is now known as Istanbul, the new capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the city became a powerful international center of trade and culture. Sultan Mohamed ruled from 1453 to 1481 and when he died,Baezd II his oldest son became the new Sultan. The rise of the Ottoman Em...

How Rome Conquered Greece Roman History

By Christie Lord
On 12 October 2021

Philip attempted to bring Flamininus to a compromise, arguing that the treatment of each annexed city would need to be different, proposing a decision by independent tribunal. However, Flamininus was not going to accept any compromise, and instead proclaimed that his mission was to liberate all Greeks from Macedonian...

Life In Everything You Wanted To Know Historyextra Why Did The Germans Fight What Was Average Of Civilian Great Depression Like Under Adolf World War Two How

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022
If you’re interested in German history, check out our articles on the rise of Prussia and the Prussian army. Well see you next time next Friday with our article on communist China.

Only deliberately inflicted bloodshed would crush the aspirations for a democratic Russia. In the summer of 1917, charismatic lawyer Alexander Kerensky came to head the Provisional Government with the aim of reviving Russia’s capacity to fight in World War I. But the effort ultimately failed. The government, target...

What exactly is democracy?

By Nichole Haines
On 05 March 2022

A party that doesn't just offer change as a slogan. But real, meaningful change. There's another. Yes, and why do you suppose our opponents chose that phrase? I guess because everybody likes a real American. Right.

Pre Islamic Of The Middle East Byzantine Ancient Persia Sumer Xerxes Huang Historian Chaldean Sargon Euphrates Caspianreport Babylon Report Valley Empire Great

Pre Islamic Of The Middle East

By Jadine Burris
On 05 November 2021
This tricked the other army to break rank and chase after them. Then the Parthia Horsemen would suddenly turn wheel around and fire into their disorganized opponents. This would later be called the Parthia shot. They used these tactics and battled the Roman Empire to a standstill. When Christianity started to spread ...