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Americas Great Indian Nations Full Length Documentary Otosection Native Americans American Lakota Sioux Tribes United States Of First Wp Img Indians

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
In america
On 30 June 2022
These are the stories of the mightiest Indian nations. The Iroquois of upstate New York were a unique confederation of six Indian nations. Their great law of peace attracted the attention of American colonists who were forging their own new country. The Seminoles of Florida, who gathered together free Indians and bla...

Arabia Before Islam The Birth Of Episode

By Hailie Velazquez
On 17 April 2022

Before we understand or try to understand Prophet Muhammad or the Islamic Civilization, We have to understand the world that Islam was born in. At the time, there were two empire dominating Europe and the Middle East; The Sassanian Empire in Persia And the Byzantine Empire in Asia Minor. These two empires had been fi...

Unit Pre Columbian And Colonial Learning With Mrs Mapuche Continent Columbia Nazca Cuicuilco Geo Mesoamerica Moche Chimor Viking Inca Titicaca Civilization

Pre Columbian America Summary On Map

By Cian Driscoll
In asia
On 07 February 2022
Remarkable for its metallurgy and agricultural techniques in a desert environment, this warrior civilization spreads rapidly. Prisoners are sacrificed during rites. During the 7th century, it is probable that significant climatic changes precipitates the fall of the Nazca and the Roche. This benefits the War civiliza...

What If The Arabian Empire Reunited Today

By Komal Hassan
On 17 July 2022

That then begs the question: What if this old empire was reunited today in the modern world with the exact same borders that it had in the year 720? Despite how utterly impossible this is, let's just assume that the Caliphate suddenly just appeared back into existence instantly with its exact borders. Thirty six diff...

The Amazing History Of Southeast Asia

By Francisco Sweet
On 21 May 2022

When the Portuguese started their imperialist frenzy in the 16th century, the empire became a strategically effective location for trade and it flourished. Guided by spiritual philosophies, Indian politics had a very different approach from the modern Western methods. The jurisdiction of a ruler extended circularly, ...

Borneo Dark Shadow Expedition With Steve Backshall Pbs Oudfront Uploads Season Episode Assets Crop Center None Signature

Borneo Rock Art Rewrites Human History

By Anil Carlson
On 09 January 2022
They left these paintings and hand stencils many thousands of years ago. Then, Hindi shows me something extraordinary. So, what is this? A bull, yeah, like maybe a Banting, the wild bull? Banting, yeah, the wild. And how old is it? Wow.

The main goods they shipped were spices coming from the Far East, but this was before the Dutch had any colonies of their own. Back then Portugal held a virtual monopoly on the spice trade, controlling all the major trade routes to Asia and back. Thus, what the Dutch did was to buy all their spices from Lisbon and th...

How America Became Superpower

By Kaja Gutierrez
On 16 July 2022

World War II had made allies out of the democratic West and communist East in the fight against Hitler, but that couldn’t last. The United States saw Soviet expansion in Eastern Europe and elsewhere as a direct threat to its vision of a free-trading world. To a substantial degree, in one form or another Socialism h...

Youth And The Real Behind Jojo Rabbit Time Why Did Germans Fight What Was Average Life Of Civilian In Great Depression Like Under Adolf World War Two How Autarky

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022
By 1941 almost all of Germany’s remaining Jewish population, which 10 years earlier had numbered over half a million, were imprisoned in concentration camps. The Nazis embarked on an ideologically-fueled campaign against virtually all minorities and marginal groups of society including gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah...