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Why Socrates Hated Democracy

By Amanda O'Quinn
On 03 March 2022

We have preferred to think of democracy as an unambiguous good rather than as something that is only ever as effective as the education system that surrounds it. As a result, we have elected many sweet shop owners, and very few doctors.

History Of North And South Korea

By Anja Oconnell
On 22 February 2022

3.5-4% per year on average. This extraordinary economic growth for that time was called the Miracle on the Han River or the South Korean Miracle. In today’s world, South Korea is seen as the preferred Korea to live in.

South East Asian Theatre Of World War Ii Pacific Sejarah Jepun Battle Kuching Kawaguchi Detachment Borneo Labuan Sakaguchi Sarawak North Tarakan Kalimantan

WW2 In South East Asia Battle Of Borneo

By Anja Morrison
In america
On 08 March 2022
Whereas the northern Borneo attack had launched from Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam, the Sakaguchi Detachment sailed from Davao in the Philippines, which they had captured in December as a base of operations for the Dutch Borneo assault. Also involved in the Dutch Borneo operations was the IJN 2nd Kure Special Naval Landing...

History Of Mexico

By Jacque Mitchell
On 23 September 2021

In general, the history writing on this era has characterized the liberals as forging a new, modern nation and conservatives as reactionary opponents of that vision. Starting in the late twentieth century, historians are writing more nuanced analyses of both liberals and conservatives. Notable liberal politicians in ...

History Of Denmark

By Krzysztof Webster
On 02 September 2021

Simple men with little education replaced professors and professionals in positions of power. The peasants, in coalition with liberal and radical elements from the cities, eventually won a majority of seats in the Folketing. Even though constitutional changes had taken place to boost the power of the Landsting, the L...

Higher In Experiencing Holocaust Why Did The Germans Fight What Was Average Life Of Civilian Great Depression Like Under Adolf World War Two How Autarky Whawt

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022
These measures, however, often did not produce the desired effect, as most people were only interested in carrying on daily life as it had existed before. Recognizing that most of the German people could not be fully indoctrinated, the government enforced its ideal German state through legislation. For example, it wa...

Theatre flourished during this time, producing several great playwrights. These included Christopher Marlowe, who was known for writing tragedies, and Ben Jonson, who was known for writing comedies. Of course, most well known of all was William Shakespeare, who wrote both and is still popular today. Theatre remained ...

The Misunderstood Legacy Of China

By Darsh Gray
On 05 March 2022

To do this, its possible she took one audacious step and ordered the statue to be carved in her own image. Actually is modeled after her face. She wants to make this a statement of her power. This will give her more credibility, because this is the age of Buddhism, and there’s a massive follower of this particular ...

What Did Democracy Really Mean In Athens Melissa Ted Magistrate Boule Boulamenos Aristocracy Representation Sortition Senate Plato Tedx Jury Representative

What Did Democracy Really Mean In Athens Melissa Schwartzberg

By Gurdeep Mcculloch
On 30 March 2022
Many modern democracies reconcile this conflict by having citizens elect those they consider qualified to legislate on their behalf. But this poses its own problems, including the influence of wealth, and the emergence of professional politicians with different interests than their constituents. Could reviving electi...