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Why French Sounds So Unlike Other Romance Languages

By Rhydian Grant
On 03 June 2022
In the south of France it's oc. Up north it's a mesh of oïl. just work with those northern oïl varieties. A thousand years into this recipe, it's time to dock and bake Old French throughout the High Middle Ages. Peek into the oven to see ka's cha-ing, turning cange into change, a cat into a chat and castles into chastels.

I know we often like to make fun of bureaucracy, but governments without it tend to … fail miserably. So even though Russian soldiers were loyal and effective fighters, they suffered from a lack of basic materials--like bullets, for instance, and soldiers often went without boots, wearing rags on their feet. Some g...

History Of Democracy

By Ramone Hickman
On 20 March 2022

It contains a chapter on dealing with the sangas, which includes injunctions on manipulating the noble leaders, yet it does not mention how to influence the mass of the citizens—a surprising omission if democratic bodies, not the aristocratic families, actively controlled the republican governments. Another issue i...

Buddhism Founder Origins Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva What Is Religion Meditation Peace Four Noble Truths Gautama Cult Buddhist Dalai Lama Buddha Eightfold Path

What Is Buddhism Do Buddhists Believe

By Kelsie Stanley
On 31 March 2022
There are countries however where Buddhism is the national religion, such as Cambodia and Thailand, where over 90% of its residents are Buddhist. By pure number, the most Buddhists reside in China, with over 185 million, but that’s only 16% of China’s total population. Buddhism is also the primary religion in Tib...

Borobudur Temple Compounds UNESCO World Heritage Site

By Tillie Delgado
On 28 March 2022

The temple itself consists of nine ascending platforms in a stepped square pyramid shape, each side roughly 120 metres long. The lower six platforms are square shaped, while the upper three platforms are circular, with a large stupa directly in the centre at the top. Viewed from above, the temple is laid out in the s...

Borobudur Indonesia

By Anis Sutherland
On 24 February 2022

The three temples have similar architecture and ornamentation deriving from the same time period, which suggests that some ritual relationship existed between the three temples. In order to honor this relationship, the pilgrims of today start their pilgrimage from Mendut and walk the distance to Pawon and Borobudur w...

After Peace And Now Focus On Development War African Politics Haile Selassie East Revolution Ethiopian Eritrean Relations Border Wars Of Africa Colonialism

Why Do Ethiopia And Eritrea Hate Each Other

By Nikodem Werner
On 17 May 2022
But in the 1930s, Italy began expanding its reach throughout Africa, and invaded Ethiopia, fairly easily seizing control. However, World War Two proved disastrous for Italy. Because Ethiopia had supported the Allies during the war, they were granted independence by the British, with Eritrea operating under the federa...

Brief History Of Buddhism

By Kaiser Vargas
On 05 March 2022

Rising Buddhism was developed in response to what was perceived as the failure of Hinduism to address the needs of the people, and while it may be considered an offshoot of Hinduism, it rejects the caste system, abolishes rituals, priesthoods, and even gods. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is the liberation from suffer...

The Entire History Of Ottoman Empire

By Annette Holloway
On 26 January 2022

Suleiman the Magnificent created an unwavering system of law that made the justice system fair, and overall efficient. He also welcomed various forms of arts and literature. On top of that, he went on thirteen raiding campaigns in every direction from his Empire. He established the Ottoman s rule in present-day Hunga...

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History Of Turkey Crash Course

By Klara Mcbride
In asia
On 22 March 2022
Christianity took roots in Turkey in the St century , butthe Christians were persecuted widely. It was only in 313 after Emperor Constantine became a Christian that the persecution ended. Emperor Constantine made Byzantium his new capital and named it Constantinople which is present day Istanbul. By the th century Ro...