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What Started The French Revolution Explained Teded Sashko Danylenko Robespierre American Guillotine Flag Liberte Egalite Fraternite Bastille Day Marie Antoinette

What Caused The French Revolution Tom Mullaney

By Kanye Lester
In america
On 20 July 2022
After a trial, the once-revered king was publicly beheaded, signaling the end of one thousand years of monarchy and finalizing the September 21st declaration of the first French republic, governed by the motto liberté, égalité, fraternité. Nine months later, Queen Marie Antoinette, a foreigner long-mocked as Mada...

Everything You Need To Know About Planet Earth

By Lillian Ball
On 19 June 2022

Only a tiny part of our water is actually lakes and rivers. and an even tinier part is bound in living things. So, gradually the Earth cooled down, and the surface formed a thin crust. But inside the earth, hot rock continue to swirl about, moving the crust from below and breaking it apart. This process is called Pla...

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022

The Nazis also introduced the Volkswagen or Peoples car, which was intended to provide each German household with a vehicle, as part of Hitlers campaign to motorize Germany. In regard to economics, the Great Depression was taking a disastrous toll on the German people before the Nazis were elected. By 1933, unemploym...

What If The Arabian Empire Reunited Today

By Komal Hassan
On 17 July 2022

Over one thousand years ago in the Eighth Century, the most powerful empire in the world was the Arab Caliphate, ruled by the Umayyad Dynasty. It was the largest empire the world had ever seen up to that point, and in the year 720, the empire stretched all the way from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to India in the e...

The French Revolution

By Ismaeel Squires
On 19 June 2022

Promising not to open fire, he greeted the men warmly as they sat to discuss terms, yet when the talks dragged on the people outside grew restless and became convinced that their delegates had been imprisoned inside the infamous fort. A group of them climbed an outer wall and lowered a drawbridge, letting the horde i...

The Ancient Pre Columbian Americas Mapuche Continent Columbia Nazca Cuicuilco Geo Mesoamerica Moche Chimor Viking Inca Titicaca Civilization Teotihuacan Calakmul

Pre Columbian America Summary On Map

By Cian Driscoll
In asia
On 07 February 2022
We begin around 30,000 BC. The Earth is in its last Ice Age; the sea level is about 120 meters slower than current levels. The American continent is completely isolated by large glaciers. Yet the first signs of human occupation are popping up everywhere. Tools, bones of hunted animals and fires appear in various plac...

The other half stayed near the city as a reserve, ready to help repel any sortie made by the Romans. In Antioch, the Roman Emperor learned of the siege and sent a 12,000 strong relief force, along with plentiful supplies, to help Damascus on September 9th. When this force reached the narrow pass where the Muslim scou...

She is often confused with Queen Mary of Scots but keep in mind that these were two different people. Mary I married the individual who would later become King Philip II of Spain but they did not have any children so when Mary died, her sister her half-sister Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn became Queen, and thing...