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Scary Truth Behind The Original Bible

By Shanice Reeves
In australia
On 12 February 2022
The dynasty concluded by the great flood lasted two hundred and forty-one thousand years shared by no more than eight kings that's an average reign of more than thirty thousand years! Now some have tried to make the dates symbolic or have interpreted their unit of time differently but that doesn't quite work when it'...

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
On 30 June 2022

Another band of soldiers had gone in search of the Miniconjou chief Bigfoot, whose people had gone to the badlands where they could perform the ghost dance without fear. The Blue Coats caught up with them and the Indians and the soldiers camped for the night beside Wounded Knee Creek. 500 soldiers stood guard over 35...

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022

What was life like in Nazi Germany? When one tries to imagine what life was like for the average German between the years of 1933 and 1945, what comes to mind? Many would likely envision it as a drab nightmarish totalitarian dystopia, and in many ways this was true, certainly for the sections of society that the Nazi...

The Of England Historic Wp Content Uploads Battle Philiphaugh

History Of England

By Bessie Mcghee
On 13 December 2021
Elizabeth I After Mary I died in 1558, Elizabeth I came to the throne. Her reign restored a sort of order to the realm after the turbulent reigns of Edward VI and Mary I. The religious issue which had divided the country since Henry VIII was in a way put to rest by the Elizabethan Religious Settlement, which re-estab...

to the left on social issues, and in the mid 1960's, Lyndon Johnson start to pass civil rights legislation, like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and also pretty sweeping social programs, which are called the Great Society. So these is things like Head Start and lots of welfare programs. And in this time period, along w...

The only people who could vote or hold office where church members, and to be a full church member you had to be a visible saint, so really, power stayed in the hands of the church elite. The same went for equality. While it was better than in the Chesapeake Colonies or England, as equality went. Eh, pretty unequal. ...

International Day Of Democracy Sep The Legitimate Elites Rights Nigel Farage Equality President Economy Demos Voting Society System Public Debt Documentary

What exactly is democracy?

By Nichole Haines
In america
On 05 March 2022
A party that doesn't just offer change as a slogan. But real, meaningful change. There's another. Yes, and why do you suppose our opponents chose that phrase? I guess because everybody likes a real American. Right.

Arabia Before Islam The Birth Of Episode

By Hailie Velazquez
On 17 April 2022

Arabia was a hot desert and in a pre-oil world, there were no valuable resources in Arabia. There was no water, no agriculture, no nothing, basically. That’s why no Empire was ever interested in conquering it. Not because they couldn’t but because they didn’t have a reason to. Even after the rise of Islam most ...

History Summarized The Meiji Restoration

By Beau Huynh
On 25 May 2022

Painting developed into two new styles: Yoga, which was naturalistic and very photo-real, and Nihonga, which was very traditional and stylized. In architecture, western building materials found use in Japanese designs. And in 1889, the emperor lifted a ban on Hanafuda playing cards, so a new little company called Nin...

Dividing The Middle East Great Loot Extra Conflict Explained African Study Sykes Picot Agreement Midle World Lesson Young Turks Abdul Hamid Ii Ottoman Empire
As long as a province paid its taxes, acknowledged the supremacy of Constantinople, and showed up if there was a war, they could essentially do as they pleased. This semi-autonomy was a pragmatic, even enlightened way of operating an empire that contains so many different religious and ethnic groups. But as emergency...