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Captivating Guide To The History Of Europe

By John Yang
In europe
On 24 May 2022
Warfare became commonplace throughout the entire continent, a theme that would feature heavily throughout its history. The Iron Age followed, beginning between around 1200 600 BC, which led to intense development, particularly in Wessex. Religion featured heavily in the Britons’ society also, as druidism taught of ...

Vietnam War History

By Harleigh Adams
On 17 January 2022

called its SET allies to contribute troops to the conflict, which they did, as did South Korea. Despite the change of focus to go on the offensive, the harsh conditions, and lack of progress, President Johnson and the US government reassured the public that everything was going as planned. Amidst the war, the United ...

Everything You Need To Know About Planet Earth

By Lillian Ball
On 19 June 2022

The upper mantle has different regions, too. It's upper part, which is viscous and carries the crust, is called the Lithosphere. After that, there comes the Asthenosphere, which consists of less mobile, mostly solid material. The lower mantle reaches deep down to the outer core of Earth. Earth's outer core is a liqui...

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European Conquest Of America Summary On Map

By Brogan Kemp
In europe
On 26 June 2022
Vasco De Gama, for Portugal, crosses the Cape of Good Hope, enters the Indian Ocean and reaches India on May 20, 1498. A second Portuguese expedition leaves for India, but as it moves away from the coast to take advantage of the sea currents, the expedition reaches a new land located east of the meridian of Tordesill...

The Royal Weddings That Shaped European

By Charity Frank
On 26 June 2022

They wanted to build strong connections with Germany and see them as being a force for good and constitutional benign monarchy across Europe. Their children Alice, Beatrice, Helena, Leopold, and Arthur also married German royalty. Their eldest son, Prince Albert Edward married a Danish princess whose brother was King...

And speaking of spice, Cheddar who were kind enough to sponsor this episode) made a great article on how Old Spice was saved by one of the most iconic marketing campaigns in recent history. If you don’t know, Cheddar’s website covers business and technology in fun bite-sized articles that leave you craving for mo...

Journey Through Ancient Taunya Place Tutankhamun Tomb Of Nile River Valley King Tut Primary Afterlife In Kids Social Studies For Egyptian The Egyptians Mummy

History of Egypt

By Layla Halliday
In asia
On 18 October 2021
The Old Kingdom's first Pharaoh, Djoser was the first to ask for a pyramid to be built as a tomb for his body after death. It looks different than most people's ideas of a pyramid, it's a step-pyramid. The Old Kingdom was a time of peace and good fortune and the most famous pyramids at Giza were built under the fifth...

Calvert wanted to turn Maryland into like a medieval feudal kingdom to benefit himself and his family, and he was no fan of the representational institutions that were developing in Virginia. Also, Calvert was Catholic, and Catholics were welcome in Maryland which wasn’t always the case elsewhere. Speaking of which...

Short History Of The White Australia Policy

By Kieron Naylor
On 15 April 2022

In the wake of World War II, Australia’s vulnerability in defense and manpower became evident and the government started to encourage migrants from Britain in a bid to populate or perish. And without immigration, the future of the Australia we know will be both uneasy and brief. As a nation, we shall not survive. G...

Historic Spotlights Of Taipei Taiwan Today Williamcfox Thaiwan Republic Exploring Historz Vs Peoples Part Image Taiwantoday Images Content

Mapping Taiwan History

By Katelyn Blackwell
In america
On 01 February 2022
But so much was in flux. In particular, the relationship between two massive powers, the United States and the Soviet Union, and the ideologies underpinning their power. Across the globe, the US and the soviets believed that no conflict was too small. The Soviets would arm and equip anyone willing to ally with them, ...