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Why America Loves Hated The Irish History

By Esa Sims
In america
On 09 July 2022
But after years of discrimination, the Irish fought back, not in the streets but at the ballot box. Their sheer numbers gave them strength. They voted Irish Catholics into powerful political positions across major East Coast cities. At the same time, non-Irish Americans also started to come around to the whole Irish ...

The French Revolution

By Ismaeel Squires
On 19 June 2022

In 1778 the fledgeling United States decided that unlike every other British colony, it wasn't having anymore of this taxation without representation nonsense, and very rudely declared a war of independence. France, seeing an opportunity to really stick it to Britain, immediately backed the rebels, who would have bee...

History Of Saudi Arabia

By Lennox Thomson
On 23 May 2022

Shortly afterwards, Ibn Saud and President Truman met. The meeting agreed that Saudi Arabia would supply oil to the United States, while the United States would provide security and support to Saudi Arabia in return. This was the agreement that is still in place between the two countries. The agreement has so far bee...

Decolonization In Summary On Independences San Martin Independence Haitian Revolution American Continent Geo Img Vi Yte Ufkwuzy

Decolonization In America Summary On Map

By Ayah Paul
In america
On 26 June 2022
But his heir, son Peter, who remained in Brazil, now enters into conflict with the Portuguese government and proclaims the independence of Brazil, of which he becomes Emperor. In Central America, Mexico struggles to consolidate. The south secedes and the United Provinces of Central America is proclaimed. Throughout t...

How America Became Superpower

By Kaja Gutierrez
On 16 July 2022

Sometimes this meant propping up sympathetic dictators like in Iran, other times supplying rebels with arms and money like in Afghanistan in 1979 and Nicaragua in 1985. Over the course of the Cold War, the US intervened in hundreds of disputes around the globe, ending up with a complicated set of alliances, tensions,...

History Summarized Ethiopia

By Elaine Hughes
On 21 October 2021

It’s here that researchers discovered the famous Australopithecus Afarensis skeleton “Lucy”, and we have records of a Kingdom of D’mt starting sometime in the 10th century BC, probably, but the archaeology is slim so our knowledge of them is slimmer. Whether D’mt evolved into early Aksum or whether it colla...

Short Introduction To Regency Era Courtship And Marriage Preserve Wealth Social Standing Period Of England The Real Bridgerton Pride Prejudice Novel In Weird

What Courting In Regency England Was Actually Like

By Zayyan Luna
On 22 May 2022
It was basically Vegas with less slot machines. Plus you could get married in a kilt. That's pretty neat. Of course, just because there were strict rules governing courtship didn't mean people always followed them. Women were expected to be celibate before marriage, but plenty of unmarried women became pregnant.

Borobudur Indonesia

By Anis Sutherland
On 24 February 2022

The temple was discovered for the first time by foreigners in the early 19th century, during the short British rule of the Dutch East Indies. The appointed Governor, General Thomas Stamford Raffles, had heard about a hidden temple in the jungle in central Java and he decided to investigate it. He sent an expedition o...

In order to understand the timescales that Earth operates on, geologists came up with a way to break down the 4.57 billion years of Earth’s existence into smaller chunks called eons. There are four eons. These are the Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic, and Phanerozoic. In the earliest days of Earth’s history, from 4.5...

The Arab Conquest Of Sicily On This Day Palermo Euphemius Saracens Abbasids Moors Aghlabids Rashidun Caliphate Enna Catania Ifriqiya Taormina Muslim Invasion

The Arab Conquest Of Sicily

By Jody East
On 24 October 2021
Following its fall, the Muslims increased their pressure against the eastern parts of the island, and after a long siege captured Syracuse in 878. The Byzantines retained control of some fortresses in the north-eastern corner of the island for some decades thereafter, and launched a number of efforts to recover the i...