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History Of Denmark

By Krzysztof Webster
In asia
On 02 September 2021
Frederick III of Denmark had stayed in his capital and now encouraged the citizens of Copenhagen to resist the Swedes, by saying he would die in his nest. Furthermore, this unprovoked declaration of war by Sweden finally triggered the alliance that Denmark–Norway had with the Netherlands. A powerful Dutch fleet was...

ASEAN Explained In Minutes

By Lindsey Foley
On 21 March 2022

Decisions are generally made by consensus; no member can be forced to something. As a result, the group rarely appears to be closed. Today, ASEAN is based on three pillars: As a political and security community to ensure peace; as an economic community with a strong domestic market; and as a social and cultural commu...

History Of Democracy

By Ramone Hickman
On 20 March 2022

20th century waves of democracy The end of the First World War was a temporary victory for democracy in Europe, as it was preserved in France and temporarily extended to Germany. Already in 1906 full modern democratic rights, universal suffrage for all citizens was implemented constitutionally in Finland as well as a...

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Journey Through Ethiopia Africa

By Alessia George
On 12 May 2022
Set in the cool mountains near Arba Minch, live the friendly Dorze people, known for their towering homes, made from bamboo and 'ensete' leaves. These leaves are also the main ingredient for 'kocho', a bread like fermented food that is sometimes used instead of the famous injera. Cotton weaving and pottery are import...

Timeline Of World History Major Time Periods Ages

By Roberta Cowan
On 17 May 2022

Eventually, it was these Germanic tribes, known to the Romans as “barbarians” who caused the fall of the Western Empire and plunged Europe into the so-called Dark Ages. But it wasn’t just barbarians that caused trouble. In the years 535 and 536, there were several extreme weather events, perhaps started by a la...

The Emergence Of Drama As Literary Art

By Michalina Lim
On 25 March 2022

The top platform was the stage for the performance. Spectators assembled in various corners of the town, and the pageant would move around in the cycle until the villagers had seen the entire series. Soon, the plays required more actors than the clergy could supply. So, by the 13th century, different guilds were aske...

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Pre Columbian America Summary On Map

By Cian Driscoll
In asia
On 07 February 2022
The Olmec’s set up agricultural terraces with a complex system of water distribution using U-shaped stones. Further south, the Chain civilization emerges in the Andes. Known in particular for its religious ceremonies, the civilization prospers and deeply influences the region. Among the Olmec’s, while San Lorenzo...

Pre Islamic Of The Middle East

By Jadine Burris
On 05 November 2021

His realm extended from the Nile to the Indus River. But the Persians are best known for their political reforms. They followed the opposite strategy of the Assyrians. They set the Hebrews free from captivity and resettled populations to their native lands. The Persians pursued a policy of multiculturalism.

Three Kingdoms OverSimplified

By Marshall Landry
On 06 January 2022

"I've just received this letter that says Wei is planning to attack us. Should we make preparations for war?" "Nah. It's probably nothing to worry about. Let's do absolutely nothing." "Sounds good to me." Wei launched a full-scale invasion into Shu which fell within a year. Then Sima Yan forced the Wei Emperor to abd...

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to penetrate the thick hides of large game, such as bison and Mammoth. Clovis points were made from jasper, chert, obsidian and other brittle stones, and were eventually discovered throughout North America. across North America very rapidly. So this has always given the impression that people are moving along and occ...