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History of Egypt

By Layla Halliday
On 18 October 2021

Boys in wealthy families would go to school, and studied what were called ‘wisdom texts’ with lessons about literacy and practical information for careers. Many Egyptian students' families wanted important jobs in the royal palace, the temples or army, a government job, tax collector or even practicing medicine w...

Life was pretty tough for these women, but on the upside Virginia was kind of a swamp of pestilence, so their husbands typically died, and that created a small class of widows or even unmarried women who, because of their special status, could make contracts and own property, so that was good, sort of. OK. A quick wo...

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Short History Of The White Australia Policy

By Kieron Naylor
In australia
On 15 April 2022
One was known to exist in this way for several years. This is an example of a passage used in a 50-word dictation test used for screening migrants. The dictation test appears simple enough, however, the officer can give another dictation test in any European language. And, it could be administered to one person for a...

Mapping Taiwan History

By Katelyn Blackwell
On 01 February 2022

But how did the people of Taiwan come to see themselves during this period? Upon acquisition of Taiwan in 1895, Japanese political leaders were faced with a 5-month war of resistance, and once concluded, a Taiwan in difficult circumstances- the ravages of war, disease, ethnic tensions. To deal with this, the Japanese...

The typical romantic play focused on a hero who was fighting against an unjust society to maintain his rights as a human being. These plays embraced nature and the supernatural. The most popular of these was the melodrama, a play where the hero always succeeds. There was usually a battle of good and evil, complete wi...

In South East Asia Battle Of Borneo Pacific War Sejarah Jepun World Ii Kuching Kawaguchi Detachment Labuan Sakaguchi Sarawak North Tarakan Kalimantan Theather

WW2 In South East Asia Battle Of Borneo

By Anja Morrison
In asia
On 08 March 2022
The only place which it was decided to hold was Kuching, the reason for this being not only that there was a modern airfield at this location, but that its occupation by the enemy might give access to the Dutch airfields in Borneo, furthermore, it would also give the enemy access to Singapore. There had been a small ...

History Germany 1890 - 1945 Democracy And Dictatorship

By Aliyah Kavanagh
On 24 February 2022

So this system was dependent on an elected president to be fair and democratic and because of this, presidential powers to suspend the constitution, to abandon civil liberties, to abandon elected governments, were extensive. So Germany faced several specific problems from 1918 to 1923. From 1918 onwards, Allied troop...

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

By Amanda O'Quinn
On 03 March 2022

We are used to thinking very highly of democracy and by extension, of Ancient Athens, thcivilizationon that gave rise to it. The Parthenon has become almost a byword for democratic values, which is why so many leaders of democracies like to be photographed there. Its therefore very striking to discover that one of An...

Brief Of Buddhism Minutes Origin Budhism How Did Begin Religion Why Decline In Where Originate Bhuddhism The Religions World Founder When Started Img Vi

Brief History Of Buddhism

By Kaiser Vargas
On 05 March 2022
Buddhists live by five moral precepts: they are against the killing of living things, abusing drugs and alcohol, stealing, sexual misconduct, and lying. Followers of Buddhism don’t acknowledge a supreme god or deity, they instead focus on the proven path to achieve Nirvana. Widely observed practices include meditat...