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Lenin didn’t believe the revolution could proceed via peaceful change or negotiation with all these various leaders; 5. instead, he insisted on the use of violence against them and rejected peaceful change or negotiation. 6. In October 1917, the Bolsheviks led a coup at a meeting of the Soviets, 7. taking over gove...

History Of Arab Slave Trade

By Clive Winters
On 31 December 2021

As I said before, its part of a huge collaboration between many website History websites on Africa so, don’t forget to see the article after it, about the Great Zimbabwe by History Time. See you next time.

Borobudur Temple Compounds Commons World Heritage Yogyakarta Jogja Unesco Site Is Located In Sites Documentary Worlds Largest Buddhist Upload Media

Borobudur Temple Compounds UNESCO World Heritage Site

By Tillie Delgado
On 28 March 2022
Hey everyone, welcome to World Heritage Journey. For today's article, we're checking out Borobudur, in Indonesia. The incredible Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the entire world. Located near the city of Yogyakarta in central Java, Borobudur was built in the early 9th century AD, though little is k...

Borneo Rock Art Rewrites Human History

By Anil Carlson
On 09 January 2022

But their future is under threat. It’s now down to our generation to make sure that these caves and this pristine rainforest are kept safe forever. For surely here, if anywhere, is where you should be able to see what a tiny piece of the puzzle we human beings are, and how important all of this is.

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History Summarized Ethiopia

By Elaine Hughes
In america
On 21 October 2021
So while territory stayed more or less as it was, several internal factors were at play over the next two centuries. In particular, northward migrations of the Oromo people and the growing presence of Portuguese Catholic missionaries led Ethiopia to become less centralized than it already was. So despite all the awes...

Borobudur Indonesia

By Anis Sutherland
On 24 February 2022

According to the Buddhist cosmology, there are three stages of mental preparation. Each one of these preparations is linked to one of the many worlds or "planes" that exists within Buddhism. Borobudur is based around these three stages of mental preparation where each platform represents one of the three stages of me...

The Arab Conquest Of Sicily

By Jody East
On 24 October 2021

In that year the Muslim prince Habit, who had participated on the 728 attack, successfully captured Syracuse. Ready to conquer the whole island, they were however forced to return to Tunisia by a Berber revolt. A second attack in 752 aimed only to sack the same city. The opportunity for the Afraid of emirs of Ifriqiy...

War In Minutes Manny Man Does Cold World American Img Vi Exvkd

Vietnam War History

By Harleigh Adams
In america
On 17 January 2022
NLF took advantage of the political chaos of the south and strengthened their position with the people. To add even more instability, John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas less than a month after the coup. Lyndon B Johnson became the new US president and things changed. After some more coups, General Nguye...