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Scary Truth Behind The Original Bible

By Shanice Reeves
In australia
On 12 February 2022
If you think about the hobbits that were found in Indonesia we called them hobbits Inc the proper name is Homer florensis or the Giants of Noble County or the red-haired Giants of North America or the long skulls of piraka set cetera there's a great range of people that were beginning to come across as we dig into ou...

Life In Nazi Germany History

By Huzaifah Werner
On 28 January 2022

The Nazis also introduced the Volkswagen or Peoples car, which was intended to provide each German household with a vehicle, as part of Hitlers campaign to motorize Germany. In regard to economics, the Great Depression was taking a disastrous toll on the German people before the Nazis were elected. By 1933, unemploym...

History Of Denmark

By Krzysztof Webster
On 02 September 2021

Some of the most well-preserved bog bodies from the Nordic Iron Age are the Tollund Man and the Grauballe Man. From around the 5th to the 7th century, Northern Europe experienced mass migrations. This period and its material culture are referred to as the Germanic Iron Age. Middle Ages Earliest literary sources In hi...

Asean Explained In Minutes Politics Heinrich Stiftung South East Asia Jahre Asien Years Img Vi

ASEAN Explained In Minutes

By Lindsey Foley
In australia
On 21 March 2022
Since 2001, the "ASEAN Summit" takes place annually. It is a meeting of the heads of state and government, where current problems are discussed and solutions are worked out. On 15th December, 2008, the ASEAN Charter came into force, giving the association the status of a legal person. Principles of non-intervention a...

History Of Democracy

By Ramone Hickman
On 20 March 2022

Over the years, the ephors held great influence on the formation of foreign policy and acted as the main executive body of state. Additionally, they had full responsibility for the Spartan educational system, which was essential for maintaining the high standards of the Spartan army. As Aristotle noted, ephors were t...

Timeline Of World History Major Time Periods Ages

By Roberta Cowan
On 17 May 2022

The reason for the change is simply an attempt to use a more neutral term, which makes sense considering that 75% of the world is not Christian. Ok, now that we've got that under our belt, the next question we need to address is: What is the starting point for history? In other words, where do we draw the line betwee...

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The Emergence Of Drama As Literary Art

By Michalina Lim
On 25 March 2022
The clergy intended to teach against immorality. How ironic, then, that the morality plays actually encouraged vices as more popular than virtues. By the mid-15th century, the church started to outlaw these performances. Town charters required that any theater must be built outside the city wall. One of the first the...

Pre Columbian America Summary On Map

By Cian Driscoll
On 07 February 2022

The climate is milder here;local vegetation is suitable for large animals such as bison, caribou and mammoths, attracting Siberian populations who are hunters. Further east, the melting of enormous ice caps opens a corridor towards the continent. Animals, followed by humans, gradually pour in, while the melting ice c...

Pre Islamic Of The Middle East

By Jadine Burris
On 05 November 2021

Zoroastrianism is often misunderstood for fire worshiping But the fire is a mere symbol for purity. The Zoroastrians basically believed in good and evil. That there was a heaven, and there was a hell. It was one of the earliest monotheistic religions. In the later era of the Persian Empire, They came in contact with the Greeks.

Three Kingdoms Oversimplified Total War Lu Bu Yellow Turban Liu Bei Han Dynasty Edutainment Cao Chinese Zhou Its Romance Of The Kindgoms Img Vi

Three Kingdoms OverSimplified

By Marshall Landry
On 06 January 2022
But what they didn't realize, is that by relying on all the warlords and their armies, they had essentially diminished their own central control over the empire and many of the warlords now held the power to act almost completely independently and rule over their own local regions themselves. Back in the capital, the...