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The United States Of America Summary On Map

By Federico Mcbride
In africa
On 05 April 2022
At the end of the war, the United States abandons its ambitions in the north and focuses on the south where the Spanish Empire is in decline. A military incursion in Florida allows -- after negotiations -- the annexation of the territory. In the West, Oregon is shared with the United Kingdom. East of the Mississippi,...

History Of Turkey Crash Course

By Klara Mcbride
On 22 March 2022

Modern Turkey After the World War I France, Greece, Britain and Italy occupied Turkey but Mustafa Kendal fought the war of independence between 1920 and 1922 and drove all foreigners out of their lands. Sultanate was abolished in 1922 and Kendal became the President of Turkey. Since then, it has seen many reforms and...

History Of The Flag In Paper

By Bryce Chester
On 08 June 2022

Nebraska, 37 stars. Colorado, 38 stars. Then in 1889 and 1890, between two July 4's, there were five new states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, and Idaho. So from 38 stars, the flag jumped straight to 43 stars. Then with Wyoming, we got 44 stars.

The Entire Of Ottoman Empire Explained In Minutes Ottomans Img Vi

The Entire History Of Ottoman Empire

By Annette Holloway
In asia
On 26 January 2022
The year was 1299 AD when a ruler of the Turkish tribes in Anatolia had a dream of a mighty tree growing out of him and covering the whole world. This ruler was Osman I, and with the help of his successors, they built the mightiest Middle Eastern Empire of their time. The term Ottoman originates from Dutchman which i...

Brief History Of Geologic Time

By Fern Moreno
On 25 June 2022

While no fossils have been found from this Eon, small amounts of organic carbon have been discovered in Hadean rocks that some experts think is evidence of the earliest life. These first organisms were tiny and single celled, but they were eventually able to shape the future of the entire planet, so their appearance ...

Why Do Ethiopia And Eritrea Hate Each Other

By Nikodem Werner
On 17 May 2022

This officially initiated the Eritrean War of Independence, though some had already been fighting since a year earlier. This war lasted for thirty years, and effectively destroyed any positive relationship between the two countries. Their economies collapsed, and 100,000 people were killed. During the war, Ethiopia‚Ä...

Americas Great Indian Nations Full Length Documentary Otosection Native Americans American Lakota Sioux Tribes United States Of First Wp Img Indians

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
In africa
On 30 June 2022
The officer in charge of the reservation reported, They are in the most miserable situation and unless the government assists them, many of them will starve to death. In this hour of desperation, one warrior rose to lead the Seminoles in their second war of resistance. His name was Osceola, and he soon became one of ...

What exactly is democracy?

By Nichole Haines
On 05 March 2022

Government of the people by the people, it's very simple and there's no need to fiddle with it or alter it. I mean the Greeks got it about right about, what was it, two and a half thousand years ago? and whatever its imperfections or flaws, as Churchill said, you know it is without doubt, the least worst system that ...

Earth National Geographic

By Star Oneill
On 14 June 2022

A product of scientific phenomena and sheer chance. This blue speck in space holds the past, present, and future, of our very existence. Approximately 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth formed from particles left over from the creation of our sun. Gravity drew these particles together to form pebbles which then formed ...