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The United States Of America Summary On Map

By Federico Mcbride
In africa
On 05 April 2022
The organization reaches 5 million members, and is then banned after several lynching episodes. In 1929, the Wall Street Stock Market crash takes place. The US economy collapses. In a few short years, a string of bankruptcies of companies and banks pushes a quarter of the active population into unemployment. Prohibit...

History Of Turkey Crash Course

By Klara Mcbride
On 22 March 2022

One of the first towns formed in 6,500 BC was Cantal. This is the same town on which modern Turkey now stands. Cantal was amongst the first towns in the world. Cantal had a population of 6,000 an, andey lived in houses. However, the town was abandoned in 5,000 BC.

The Entire History Of Ottoman Empire

By Annette Holloway
On 26 January 2022

In an attempt to stop the advance of the Ottoman Turks, there was the battle of Necropolis in 1396. The Ottoman warriors were victorious in what is regarded as the last large-scale crusade of the Middle Ages. It is Sultan Baez I who doubled the Ottoman s land between 1389 and 1402, earning his nickname as the Thunder...

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What exactly is democracy?

By Nichole Haines
In europe
On 05 March 2022
Not only is it a form of government, it is a conscious political philosophy and a way of life. But I would say that democracy has much more important implications on society as a whole: The way people think, the values they endorse. And in this sense I follow Alexis de Tocqueville, who you may know. He wrote a book '...

Arabia Before Islam The Birth Of Episode

By Hailie Velazquez
On 17 April 2022

Along with Pagans, there were Christians and Jews living in Arabia. It’s said that you couldn’t tell the difference between the three faiths in Arabia without visiting their places of worship because they had all adopted each other’s traditions. Tribal warfare was, however, very common. As you might expect, wat...

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History Of Mexico

By Jacque Mitchell
In america
On 23 September 2021
AMLO made his first trip outside the country to travel to Washington D.C. to sign the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. U.S. President Donald Trump and AMLO met at White House, but Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau declined to attend, citing the coronavirus. .

Where US Politics Came From Crash Course History

By Lilly Dyer
On 19 January 2022

OK, so in the first real American presidential election there weren’t any political parties. There wasn’t even a campaign. The election was uncontested and George Washington won. He didn’t even have to run for office; he stood for it. Washington’s presidency is important for a number of precedents that he set...

The Amazing History Of Southeast Asia

By Francisco Sweet
On 21 May 2022

By 6000 BCE, the environment and the landscape were diversifying. Some immigration into the region might have also taken place. But it was the evolution of local norms and communication between cultures that shaped the region. Since the climate is so wet, they innovated their housing structures allowing water to flow...

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History Of Russia

By Anabel Gutierrez
In america
On 25 January 2022
Ivan also renamed the state Russia, after the Ru’s, who inhabited it. In 1580, Russia conquered the khanate of SIB marking the first time Russia had expanded east of the Ural Mountains into Asia. The Russians renamed the mysterious lands Siberia, after the khanate had conquered. And do you think they stopped there?...