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Many modern democracies reconcile this conflict by having citizens elect those they consider qualified to legislate on their behalf. But this poses its own problems, including the influence of wealth, and the emergence of professional politicians with different interests than their constituents. Could reviving electi...

What If The Arabian Empire Reunited Today

By Komal Hassan
On 17 July 2022

However, the Caliphate's nominal G.D.P per capita would be down to just 8,027 dollars a person, which means that the average living conditions for the average citizen would be roughly the same as it is for the average citizen in China today. Of course, since the Caliphate would absorb entire countries like Saudi Arab...

French Revolution Hygiene Just How Poor Was It Parlons Stoire Versailles Perfume Paris Weird Medical Mercury Poisoning Era Facts Society Hygenienic Practices

What French Revolution Hygiene Was Like

By Kendrick Merrill
On 18 May 2022
Since there was no indoor plumbing at the time, the earliest bidets were simple basins. Since there was no toilet paper yet, people had to use whatever was on hand-- including leaves, corn cobs, grass, seashells, newspapers, or even their own hands. Nonetheless, bidets were favored by the French aristocracy, and they...

History Of England

By Bessie Mcghee
On 13 December 2021

In the decisive battle, 10,000 Romans faced nearly 100,000 warriors somewhere along the line of Wailing Street, at the end of which Boadicea was utterly defeated. It was said that 80,000 rebels were killed, but only 400 Romans. Over the next 20 years, the borders expanded slightly, but the governor Agricola incorpora...

European History Crash Course

By Dottie Zhang
On 05 May 2022

Among the English explorers the most popular ones are Sir Francis Drake and John Cabot. There were French and Dutch explorers too who started on many expeditions helping spread their religion, exchanges cultures, enhance trade and commerce and explore new lands. As a results, the age of exploration many new trade rou...

Italian And German Unification Crash European Ap John Green Empire Austro Prussian War World Crashcourse Vlogbrothers Prussia Europe Franco Whap Otto Bismarck
So, Bismarck persuaded Austria to join Prussia in war against Denmark to resolve the contested rule of Schleswig-Holstein. Their victory gave Prussia administration of Schleswig and Austria got Holstein. Two years later, Prussia and Austria went to war again, this time with each other over the same two provinces. The...

Meanwhile, in Miri, the invaders were subjected to two more Dutch air attacks in the last two days, which would fail to inflict heavy damage on the Japanese, although one of the Dutch flying boats would successfully manage to sink the destroyer Shinonome, killing its 228 crew. And on the last day of the week, the Ame...

History Of France

By Humzah Pineda
On 19 February 2022

The medieval Kingdom of France emerged from the western part of Charlemagne’s Carolingian Empire, known as West Francis, and achieved increasing prominence under the rule of the House of Capet, founded by Hugh Capet in 987. A succession crisis following the death of the last direct Capetian monarch in 1328 led to t...

Where Would The United States Of Empire Rank In Napoleonic Literary Analysis Revolution Decolonization Years War Shakespeare Summarized Overly Sarcastic Productions

History Summarized French Empire

By Borys Krueger
In america
On 17 May 2022
And France didn't take slaves. No, no, no! They simply deprived natives of French citizenship rights, and force them into low-wage grunt work! Y'know, kind of undercuts the grand narrative of We're bringing glorious civilization to these ignorant savages! when you go out of your way to deprive them of the rights to a...