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History Summarized England

By Kelsi Beaumont
On 05 June 2022
The first order of business for King Henry 8 was to formalize the rules for royal succession, presumably because he had to read about the War of the Roses and decided never again. But he also had outside problems, as King Charles of Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, coincidentally the same Charlie, was gett...

Japan History Geography Economy Culture

By Miley Sutherland
On 29 November 2021

The written language is one of the most complicated in the world, being a combination of three different scripts kanji, hiragana and katakana. Kanji, derived from Chinese, uses thousands of different pictograms to describe meaning, and is used for most content words. Hiragana and katakana represent spoken syllables, ...

The Century Crisis Crash Course European History

By Prince Petty
On 29 June 2022

Magdeberg’s citizens struggled to escape both the armies and the fire. Of 25,000 citizens, only 5,000 were left at the end of the battle for the city--which was in the end destroyed by fire. In 1634, Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II had his own general Wallenstein assassinated, because it appeared that Wallenstein w...

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History Summarized The Meiji Restoration

By Beau Huynh
In europe
On 25 May 2022
This might have worked against the Shogunate in 1853, but we’re in the 1900s now, and Japan was 4 training-montages stronger, so they rolled up to nearby Russia and utterly flattened them. This surprised pretty much everybody, and Russia’s monumental embarrassment only fueled Japan’s newfound imperialistic prid...

How The Normans Changed Of Europe Mark Robinson

By Jaxon Branch
On 26 May 2022

And the churches built in Palermo combined Latin-style architecture, Arab ceilings, and Byzantine domes, all decorated with exquisite golden mosaics. So if the Normans were so successful, why aren’t they still around? In fact, this was a key part of their success: not just ruling the societies they conquered, but b...

History Of République Française

By Damian Hughes
On 25 June 2022

Eiffel Tower is one of the wrought iron lattice towers of Europe that was designed to perfection in 1889 commemorating the centenary celebrations of the French revolution. Musée d'Orsay Certain essential landmarks are of tourist’s interests here, like the Louvre and the Sainte-Chapelle or the Centre Georges Pompid...

History Of North And South Korea

By Anja Oconnell
On 22 February 2022

As time went on the two nations diverged and over time the Soviet Union and USA each established a different national government in the Korean territory they controlled. Under the leadership of Kim Losing. He was chosen by the Soviets to lead North Korea for his close ties with the Soviet government. When talking abo...

What Is Buddhism Do Buddhists Believe

By Kelsie Stanley
On 31 March 2022

Welcome to I Am Your Target Demographic. In our continuing series on world religions, we turn our sights now to Buddhism. This a superficial article, meant to explain to non-Buddhist viewers what this religion entails and what they believe. Let’s start at the beginning. Buddhism can be a complicated religion to exp...

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How Rome Conquered Greece Roman History

By Christie Lord
In europe
On 12 October 2021
At this point, the order was given to the Galatians to attack the Roman right, leading to heavy casualties. Another group of Scipio’s troops entered the battle and their numbers overwhelmed the Galatians, who retreated with losses. The clashes continued for a day, as Antiochus also bolstered his contingents, but th...