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What Caused The French Revolution Tom Mullaney

By Kanye Lester
In america
On 20 July 2022
Amidst the chaos, a general named Napoleon Bonaparte took charge, becoming Emperor as he claimed to defend the Revolution's democratic values. All in all, the Revolution saw three constitutions and five governments within ten years, followed by decades alternating between monarchy and revolt before the next Republic ...

The Entire History Of France

By Miruna Yang
On 17 July 2022

Oh, and they also played a huge part in the Crusades to recover the Holy Land from Muslim rule, which was initially very successful. and then a horrible failure. After the death of Charles IV, the throne of France was claimed by both Philip of Valois, and Edward III, king of England. After some disagreements, the Fre...

How America Became Superpower

By Kaja Gutierrez
On 16 July 2022

The UN charter set up a system of international law prohibiting wars of conquest, like the ones waged by the Nazis and the Japanese. It also served as a forum in which the international community could weigh in on disputes, and help resolve them. This way, the Americans hoped, great powers could resolve their differe...

When Despised The Irish Century Refugee Crisis Emerald Isle Americans Hated American Culture Shock Potato Famine Prejudice People In And Traditions Of Documentary

Why America Loves Hated The Irish History

By Esa Sims
In america
On 09 July 2022
They didn't have much of a choice. After centuries of oppressive British rule, most Irish lived in poverty. Potatoes were easy to grow, packed with nutrition, and, most importantly, cheap. But in 1845, a fungus, phyto-- a fungus began to eat its way through Ireland's precious crops. The potato plants started to shriv...

History Of Europe

By Bibi Woodley
On 06 July 2022

The short twentieth century , from 1914 to 1991, included the First World War, the Second World War and the Cold War. The First World War used modern technology to kill millions of soldiers. Victory by Britain, France, the United States and other allies drastically changed the map of Europe, ending four major land em...

Where Did French Come From

By Zahra O'Doherty
On 05 July 2022

And because so many things often hinge on the meaning of Latin words contained in the said documents. We will that from henceforth all decrees together with all other proceedings, whether of our royal courts or other subordinate or inferior, whether records, surveys, contracts, commissions, awards, wills, and all oth...

Americas Great Indian Nations Full Length Documentary Otosection Native Americans American Lakota Sioux Tribes United States Of First Wp Img Indians

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
In asia
On 30 June 2022
In December of 1835, Osceola ambushed and murdered the Indian agent Wily Thompson. That same day, Seminole chief Mikonobe led an attack on government troops under the command of Major Francis Dade near present-day Okalla. 180 Seminole warriors ambushed Dade's infantry unit. The entire army command was soon annihilate...

So quite famously, that individual – known to us as William the Conqueror –invaded England with his Norman army and defeated Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 William the Conqueror thus became the new King of England, establishing a new royal house – the House of Normandy. Note that William the...

The Century Crisis Crash Course European History

By Prince Petty
On 29 June 2022

As one pamphleteer from Spain wrote in 1643: “Every nation is turned upside down, leading And then there was the 30 Years War, which unlike the 100 Years War, actually did last for 30 years. The war, which took place from 1618 to 1648, was tremendously destructive in Central Europe--millions of people were killed, ...

Portuguese Exploration And Spanish Conquest Os New Voiceover Christopher Great Britain Colonization United Kingdom Geo West Azonaws Images Archive Read Only

European Conquest Of America Summary On Map

By Brogan Kemp
In africa
On 26 June 2022
In Europe, the 7 Years War breaks out. Great Britain, which dominates the seas with its powerful Royal Navy, imposes maritime blockade on the French colonies which, without reinforcements, fall into the hands of the British. In 1763, in the peace treaty signed in Paris, France gives up most of its American colonies. ...