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What Started The French Revolution Explained Teded Sashko Danylenko Robespierre American Guillotine Flag Liberte Egalite Fraternite Bastille Day Marie Antoinette

What Caused The French Revolution Tom Mullaney

By Kanye Lester
In america
On 20 July 2022
After a trial, the once-revered king was publicly beheaded, signaling the end of one thousand years of monarchy and finalizing the September 21st declaration of the first French republic, governed by the motto liberté, égalité, fraternité. Nine months later, Queen Marie Antoinette, a foreigner long-mocked as Mada...

The Entire History Of France

By Miruna Yang
On 17 July 2022

King Louis XVI was found guilty of high treason, and was executed by guillotine. This is when things took a turn for the worse, when the radical revolutionaries known as Terror, led by the ironically named Committee of Public Safety, headed by Maximilien Robespierre. A process of dechristianisation began, even creati...

How America Became Superpower

By Kaja Gutierrez
On 16 July 2022

Bush and Bill Clinton decided that it was in both America and the worlds interests in the United States, now the sole superpower on earth, to continue actively managing global affairs. We should be, and we must be Peacemakers NATO, created solely as a tool for countering the Soviets, stayed together and even expanded...

When Despised The Irish Century Refugee Crisis Emerald Isle Americans Hated American Culture Shock Potato Famine Prejudice People In And Traditions Of Documentary

Why America Loves Hated The Irish History

By Esa Sims
In europe
On 09 July 2022
Discrimination was rampant. Entire political parties sprung up to fight this perceived Irish menace. Members of the so-called American Party referred to themselves as Know Nothings because when questioned about their membership they claimed to know nothing. But they had a very active agenda and vowed to only elect na...

History Of Europe

By Bibi Woodley
On 06 July 2022

Notable figures of this movement would include Dante Alighieri and Christine de Pizan , the former writing in Italian, and the latter, although an Italian , relocated to France, writing in French. Elsewhere, the Holy Roman Empire, essentially based in Germany and Italy, further fragmented into a myriad of feudal prin...

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
On 30 June 2022

Three messengers came with a command from the creator. These messengers condemned whiskey, abortion, and witchcraft and called for a return to the old ways of living before the whites came. The Iroquois people were profoundly affected and his teachings became known far and wide as the longhouse religion. But the disp...

European Conquest Of America Summary On Map

By Brogan Kemp
On 26 June 2022

In Tenochtitlan, a war breaks out between the Aztecs and Costs who had been chased out of the capital. He allies with the rebels and enemies of Tenochtitlan, then besieges the city and cuts off its drinking water supply. But the inhabitants suffer above all from smallpox which decimates the city. After 75 days of sie...

Decolonization In America Summary On Map

By Ayah Paul
On 26 June 2022

Bolivar and San Martín then meet in Guayaquil. Nobody knows what they say to each other, but San Martin gives up part of his army to Bolivar and then discreetly withdraws. In Brazil, the Portuguese royal family and its court have been installed in Rio de Janeiro since the invasion of Portugal by Napoleon. Despite th...

Earth Science With Sir Tutri Of The Geologic Pbs Digital Studios Cyanobacteria Paleontology Hank Green Natural Extinction Event Phanerozoic Stratigraphy Time

Brief History Of Geologic Time

By Fern Moreno
In australia
On 25 June 2022
And this is the only Eon that doesn’t have fossils. Because, back then, the world was just … hell. Named after the Greek underworld Hades, the Hadean lived up to its name. The planet was wracked by volcanic activity, cosmic bombardments, raging storms, and temperatures that were at times hot enough to melt rock. ...