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What Caused The French Revolution Tom Mullaney Otosection Teded Sashko Danylenko Robespierre American Guillotine Flag Liberte Egalite Fraternite Bastille Day

What Caused The French Revolution Tom Mullaney

By Kanye Lester
In america
On 20 July 2022
Amidst the chaos, a general named Napoleon Bonaparte took charge, becoming Emperor as he claimed to defend the Revolution's democratic values. All in all, the Revolution saw three constitutions and five governments within ten years, followed by decades alternating between monarchy and revolt before the next Republic ...

The Entire History Of France

By Miruna Yang
On 17 July 2022

The king, beginning to fear for his life, attempted to flee the country, but was discovered and captured. This outraged the people and a petition drive to depose of the king was organised, but things got out of hand, and 50 people were shot dead, as the revolutionaries began to split into various factions. Austria an...

What If The Arabian Empire Reunited Today

By Komal Hassan
On 17 July 2022

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How Did The United States Become Global Power Imperialism Military Spending Superpower American Expansionism Most Powerful Country Bases World Politics William

How America Became Superpower

By Kaja Gutierrez
In europe
On 16 July 2022
During this time, America also began using its influence to protect its growing commercial and military interests abroad, installing pro-American regimes in places like Nicaragua and playing a major role in international diplomacy regarding the Western presence in China. World War I showed how just how much Americas ...

Why America Loves Hated The Irish History

By Esa Sims
On 09 July 2022

But after years of discrimination, the Irish fought back, not in the streets but at the ballot box. Their sheer numbers gave them strength. They voted Irish Catholics into powerful political positions across major East Coast cities. At the same time, non-Irish Americans also started to come around to the whole Irish ...

History Of Europe

By Bibi Woodley
On 06 July 2022

The new German Empire industrialized rapidly and challenged Britain for economic leadership. Bismarck disliked colonies but public and elite opinion forced him to build an overseas empire. He was removed from office in 1890 by an aggressive young Kaiser Wilhelm II, who pursued a disruptive foreign policy that polariz...

Where You Come From French To Grammar Gaulish Language Evolution Of Linguistics Study Wp Learntofrench Content Uploads

Where Did French Come From

By Zahra O'Doherty
On 05 July 2022
As a result, the Parisian pronunciation and spelling became the majority language of the langue d'oïl region in Northern France around the 14th and 15th centuries. The success of the French language in literature overshadowed the early success of the literature produced in the langues d'oc dialects of the South of F...

America Great Indian Nations

By Aliesha Bowers
On 30 June 2022

But the summer of 1863 found Colonel Kit Carson leading 1000 New Mexico volunteers to wage war against the Navajo who numbered more than 12,000. Carson knew the only way to conquer the Navajo was to scorch the very earth they lived upon and starve them into submission. Kit Carson's men destroyed most of the herds and...

So it was at this point that the title “Prince of Wales” started to be given to the eldest son of the king. We then get Edward II, and then Edward III. Edward III had a long reign and therefore when he died, the throne passed to his grandson, Richard II. But Richard II was an unpopular king and during his reign, ...